Bulk CO2 and Nitrogen

Serv-O-Tek is proud to be a dependable supplier of quality beer gas for numerous bars, breweries, restaurants and sports arenas in our area.

Our bulk Co2 and LN2 systems provide a wide range of high capacity, high flow beverage-grade Co2 and LN2 for your facility.

From keg to glass, our C02 and nitrogen mix creates the perfect pour. We know that too much gas creates foamy beer and too little results in a flat pint, so we take meticulous care in creating the ideal Beer Gas blend.

Our high-quality Beer Gas can be used to enhance lagers, stouts, nitro beers and more. And in addition to beverage gases, we provide all the parts and service you need to make your microbrewery thrive. We are your partner in creating the draft beer that never disappoints.

Call Serv-O-Tek today for an estimate on a bulk CO2 & Nitrogen system that will meet your needs.


  • Stationary, automatic system – 100% stainless steel tanks, permanently installed and self contained
  • Wide range of tank sizes available, 220 lb to more than 6000 lb capacity
  • Greater distribution flexibility and lower distribution frequency
  • Consistent, high-purity bulk liquid Co2 is delivered in single loads
  • Serv-O-Tek tanks are capable of high flow rates to meet demands of multiple brewery operations such as carbonation, purging, transfer, kegging and bottling
  • Adaptable to growth, additional tanks can be added to the system as operations increase
  • Every beverage is dispensed at brewery quality with beer gas

How it Works:

  1. We deliver Liquid CO2 to your facility with a delivery truck. We deliver 24/7 to ensure a continuous CO2 supply with no interruptions to your operation.
  2. We safely transfer Liquid CO2 through a Serv-O-Tek fill box located on the outside of your facility into the appropriately sized Carbo-Mizer® Bulk CO2 storage tank.
    Note: The bulk CO2 tank can also be installed outdoors.
  3. Our innovative bulk CO2 storage system automatically converts liquid to CO2 gas on demand. The Carbo-Mizer CO2 storage system maintains proper pressure throughout the refill cycle.
  4. Continuously monitor your facility with our Serv-O-Tek CO2 monitoring system, which detects and warns occupants of above-normal levels of CO2 usually caused by leaks in the system.
  5. Quality draft beer requires a precise, consistent supply of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. The GeN2® Nitrogen Generator provides the correct blended gas mix