Indoor Plant Cultivation & Commercial Grow Rooms

CO2 for Indoor Plant Cultivation or Commercial Grow Rooms

CO2 is what humans expel when breathing and what plants use to initiate photosynthetic functions, and indoor gardeners are using it in new and innovative ways to boost yields.

Because CO2 levels in the growing environment can be manipulated, it can be used strategically to increase plant growth rates.

Serv-O-Tek’s experienced team members can work with your commercial greenhouse or grow room to set up a C02 system that will effectively speed up growth and maximize yields.

In some cases, a professionally installed and maintained C02 system can increase yields by as much as 50 percent!

Let us help you amplify production and increase your profits by introducing a CO2 system to your indoor greenhouse or grow room.

We offer 24/7 external fill capabilities, so there’s no down time when you need to fill up. Call Serv-O-Tek today for an estimate.