AX60 & AX60+ Gas Detectors

AX60+ Multi Gas Detector

Serv-O-Tek offers the AX60+ Multi Gas Detector – a simple, ready to install, cost-effective gas safety monitor.

The wall mount unit has a central display and available sensors for carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2) or a combination of both gases. The modular design also enables the customer to select from 1-4 sensors, making it flexible to suit your site.

System alarm setpoints are either:

  • USA regulations (OSHA, NBIC, NFPA and IFC) :
  • TWA – 5000ppm (0.5%)
  • AL1 – 5000ppm (0.5%)
  • AL2 – 15000ppm (1.5%)
  • AL3 – 30000ppm (3%)

AX60 Product Advantages

  • Same CO2 detector as A50, but modular
  • One central unit, up to 4 CO2 sensors and 8 strobe repeaters (max of 4/sensor) for monitoring in remote areas
  • 5 year system warranty
  • Accessories such as sensor protective guard, sensor splash guard, manager’s office beacon and junction box mounting kit

*Approved for Mcdonald’s sites