Commercial Swimming Pools

CO2 for Swimming Pools

Ever wonder how 5-star resorts keep their pools sparkling clear year-round? We have the answer, and it’s C02!

CO2 has become becoming an increasingly popular replacement for Muriatic/Sulfuric Acid to improve commercial swimming pool water clarity and alkalinity.

CO2 is the safest, most reliable alternative to using sulfuric/muriatic acid to balance the pH level of your chlorinated pool water. Maintaining the desired pH level of your water is critical to ensure swimmers’ comfort and safety. CO2 is easily regulated by your automatic control system and provides a variety of benefits for your commercial swimming pool operation.

The most important of these advantages is lowering the total alkalinity of the pool water. By consistently maintaining an optimum pH level, you will:
  • Ensure safe water conditions
  • Ensure sparkling clarity
  • Use fewer chemicals
  • Cause less damage to pool surfaces, pipes and equipment
  • Eliminate dangers associated with muriatic/sulfuric acid
  • Lower costs associated with muriatic/sulfuric acid deterioration
Serv-O-Tek’s experienced team members can help you maintain a sparkling clear swimming pool to attract and delight resort guests all year long. Call us today for an estimate.